We are a local investment platform that manages business opportunities for foreign investors.

We have been working with Chinese companies for more than 10 years, at first as supply providers and today as partners or customers.

Since 2023, LATAM SpA, has a commercial office in the People's Republic of China.

Founded in 2012, our firm has completed transactions of different nature and complexities in several industries, with a special emphasis in the mining, infrastructure, energy, with a special focus on advising large companies with an international presence that are looking for opportunities in the national market.

Our Business Scope is the Comprehensive layout of Business.


The “New Three” are 3 global industries linked to green energy, where China is highly competitive.

These industries are; Solar photovoltaic technologies (PV) - Lithium batteries (LIB) - Electric vehicles (EV)

China accounts for more than 80% of global solar cell exports, plus 50% of lithium-ion batteries and more than 20% of electric vehicles.

According to source 2023 Citi Research.

•⁠ ⁠China's investment in the “new three” increased 40% year-on-year to US$890 billion, and its growth represents all investment growth in the entire Chinese economy in 2023;

•⁠ ⁠Without the growth of clean energy sectors, China's GDP would have fallen short of the government's growth target of “around 5%,” increasing only 3.0% instead of 5.2%;

•⁠ ⁠As a result, clean energy sectors were the largest driver of China's economic growth, accounting for 40% of GDP expansion in 2023;


Given the limited capacity to control geopolitical risks, and China's efforts to diversify its commercial networks, they give our company an unbeatable opportunity to integrate in Chile the entire value chain that these 3 new industries bring, turning LATAM into the first company in Chile and in the region, which is capitalizing on its portfolio of investments, the promotion of these three productive forces.


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